About Us

Cleveland, Ohio is currently experiencing a renaissance in almost every area except for the media. Local talent still struggle to be heard, local writers still lack platforms for their work and there were very few media outlets that would professionally present the culture and the views of this city in a thoughtful, engaging and cool way.


This is where Volume comes in. Volume is designed to be a platform for a specific segment of Cleveland; the thought leaders,  innovators, designers, artists, actors, musicians and other cool kids leading the “creative class”. Volume is a magazine focused on Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Sports, Lifestyle and Culture. There will be thought provoking and engaging content on Volume, but this magazine is not meant to be some snooty ivory tower dissertation to be read while looking down on the “regular people”. Volume is for everyone. The goal of Volume is to bring the culture of Cleveland to the world while keeping our readers engaged on things taking place in and outside of our fair city.


Volume is your magazine. If you have interesting and engaging content that you would like to see grace the “pages” of this magazine, send us a submission and if it fits what we are about, then you could see it featured in Volume.


There will be times when the pages of this magazine will feature views that may be unpopular or politically incorrect, but we can promise our readers that we will ALWAYS tell the truth as we see it. We will never lie to our readers, we will never insult the intelligence of our readers, and we will never take our readers for granted. That is our promise to you.


Welcome to the movement. Welcome to Volume.


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