Editor’s Desk: My Thoughts on #Charleston

take down the flagby Darvio “The Kingpin” Morrow, Editor-In-Chief

The following were remarks made by Editor-In-Chief Darvio “The Kingpin” Morrow on The Outlaws Radio Show, which can be heard Saturday nights at 6pm Eastern on WFCBRadio.com. (The Outlaws Radio Show and WFCB Radio are both owned by the parent company of this magazine)

It’s hard to come up with the words that could give justice to describe how I felt when I saw what happened in Charleston this past week. It’s hard to wrap your mind around something so evil. To go in a place of worship, sit with these people for over an hour and then murder them in cold blood, what can explain that?

What that loser did, or what he attempted to do, was not only to strike fear in the hearts of people of color, but to start a race war. His words allegedly were “I have to do this. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.”
The fact that he did it at a church makes it even more evil. The church that he desecrated is one of the oldest black churches in this country. A church that was burned down to the ground in the past because its founders fought against slavery. This is sacred ground. What he attempted to do was to attack not only those of us who are people of color, but it was an attack on us as Americans.
You see, regardless of what some may try to say these days, faith and the church have always been central to the American way of life. Nowhere do you see that more prevalent than in the black community. The faith experience is inseparable from the black experience. For the most part we are people of faith. We always have been and, if Pew Research is correct, we continue to be. African Americans are the second most religious group of people in this country, second only to white Evangelicals.
So when this man, this low life, attacked and murdered 9 people in cold blood, he did more than just attack black people. He attacked our way of life. The President of the United States, love him or hate him, is a person of color. There are currently 3 other persons of color running to replace him. South Carolina, a place that flies the flag of the confederacy to this day, has a governor and a senator who are both people of color. American pop culture and music, something we talk about often on this show, is imperfect but is slowly becoming integrated. We have people of mixed races and blended cultures all living together and trying to form a more perfect union.
Though that man attempted to divide this nation, he has only, at least temporarily, United us. It is the progress that he killed to stop that is what makes this country so special in the first place. We are not perfect. We have our problems. The stain of racism is something that we still continue to deal with. But ironically the events of Charlsteon confirm that we as a nation must be moving forward when hateful, evil murderers like Dylann Roof become so enraged at the progress that he feels compelled to shed blood in an attempt to stop it.

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